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A Quick Overview of Digital Dental Technologies

Nowadays, the digital equipment available to dentists has, over the years, increased significantly. These advancements in dental technology allow patients to receive more modern solutions to traditional dental problems.   Among those digital dental technologies available are electronic prescriptions, digital radiography, CAD/CAM restorations, computerized case presentations, digitally b ... read more

Should You Buy an Intraoral Scanner?

All thanks to advanced technology, intraoral scanners for digital impressions are not what they used to be. They are, in fact, becoming the standard of care today. If you are thinking of purchasing one, here are some of the factors that you need to consider:   Closed Systems vs. Selectively/Completely Open Systems Most systems that were used originally were closed. W ... read more

Awesome Benefits of Digital Models in the Dental Industry

Nowadays, digital models and 3D-printing are gaining momentum in the dental industry. As a part of the digital workflow that is being utilized by most dentists, 3D-printed models enable a more effective workflow even for dental technicians. In addition, the method often results in more accurate results that are greatly beneficial for the patients.   The Advantages of 3D-Printing ... read more

Digital Dentistry: How to Get the Best Margin Scan with Your IOS

For laboratory-fabricated dental restorations, impressions are always the foundation. However, getting an excellent impression can sometimes be difficult and unpredictable with conventional methods. In order to capture an impression that can deliver predictable results, digital impressions have their own considerations.   Here at Backer Dental Lab, we have made thousands of restorations ... read more