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The Advantages of Choosing a Local Dental Laboratory

Through the years, many dental laboratories have closed their doors, and more and more dentists are working with dental laboratories that can be across the country. While these dental labs provide excellent services, shipping the dental restorations, smile designs and appliances back and forth have significantly increased the treatment time for patients – and some ... read more

Digital Dentistry: The New Age We are In

When was the last time you were in a dental office? If you have been in one recently, then you probably have noticed that dental offices now are far from how they used to be. Dental science has evolved so much, and it still is evolving – and at a rapid rate at that! This is the reason why a state-of-the-art dental laboratory or dental practice now has a very diffe ... read more

The Importance of Dental Imaging

Digital radiography offers so many advantages over conventional films that it is easy to see why most practices have now transitioned to digital dental X-ray systems. It is telling that dentists without digital X-ray imaging who are planning to sell their dental practices are finding it somehow challenging, at best.   read more