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Dental Labs: Partnering with a Reliable One

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, how satisfied are you with the dental lab you are currently working with? If you feel like your current dental lab does not reflect the quality of care you are aiming for or if you feel like you have no control over the lab that you are partnered with, then this article is for you!   First Things ... read more

How a Dental Lab’s Technology Affects Dentists’ Practice

The progress of dental technologies in the last few years and the prevalence of digital industry is all just incredible, isn’t it? Nowadays, more dental laboratories offer CAD/CAM technology, making it a standard in the field of dentistry. The lost-wax technique is fading in the background. All-ceramic restorations are growing, as well as the available options! Ch ... read more

Teamwork is a Must for Successful Dental Cases

Every moment spent in your dental office is a moment of opportunity for teamwork, don’t you agree? Every day, you start with your morning huddle, then you go on preparing things for your patients, you work with each other during procedures, and even until your closing time. Although it is highly unlikely that your dental practice would function as efficiently as i ... read more