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An Overview of Recent Advancements in Shade-Matching Technologies

Dentists are well-aware of the challenges of shade-matching. The patient will always want the end-product to look as natural as possible, and it is the obligation of the dentist to exceed this expectation every single time. Otherwise, you risk losing patients. And with social standards demanding an ever-more uniform esthetic standard, dentists have their work cut out ... read more

3 Benefits to Zirconia Over a Porcelain Crown

There is no debating the fact that technological advancements in implant and restorative dentistry are gaining popularity. Whether in the form of digital imaging to aid with implant procedures, or the application of zirconia crowns in restorative procedures, the integration of technology into everyday dental practices has helped the profession make great strides in q ... read more

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Sending a Case to Your Dental Lab

We cannot reiterate this enough: communication is of utmost importance in your relationship with a dental laboratory. If you have just opened a dental practice of if you are considering working with a different dental lab, then it is essential that you can discuss important issues with your prospects before partnering up with them. We have rounded up FIVE questions that you should ask your pros ... read more