Over 25 years ago, Robert Backer opened his dental laboratory with a focus on being the best, most knowledgeable dental lab in the area. He knew early on that times and technology were changing every day and that patients were becoming more aware, educated and demanding. He welcomed the challenge to provide the need to stay on top of dental innovation and expectation to the clinicians he worked with. Robert imparted the important values of quality, customer service, and on-time delivery to his small staff. Ask anyone at Backer Dental Lab what our number one job is and you would hear, “We are here to make the dentists’ job as easy as possible.”

This is why our dedication to continuing education is the most important part of our commitment to making sure that our docs have the confidence in our restorations. Robert has made a commitment to continuing education to directly benefit his patients. He continued his training at the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education, the Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Study, and the Spear Institute, three of the most well-known and respected advanced dental teaching centers in the world. In addition, he also attends and actively participates in multiple other continuing education courses on the state and national level.

As a part of your team, it is our part is to provide the most up to date esthetic restorations while continuously trying to reduce chair time thereby making dentistry profitable and enjoyable for our doctors so they can concentrate on what is most important: patient satisfaction.

Dr. Pete Dawson stated over and over again that “form follows function.” Dr. David Hornbrook added that “there is no reason form and function should be void of esthetics.” We are inspired to follow these examples and constantly strive to become a valued partner in providing the care for your patients and practice.

Today, Backer Dental Lab still has continued that dedication to your practice and provides you with a personal touch that is a refreshing change to your team.
Robert Backer

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