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Why Precision is Important in Your Dental Practice

Everyone who has their own business or practice knows the importance of taking care of the customers and patients if they want to be successful. Those practices and businesses that thrive and get new customers often are the ones that actually embrace this belief. If you want your dental practice to grow more and be successful, then you should keep that principle in ... read more

The Accuracy of 3D Dental Printing

Digital dentistry, as we have discussed in our previous blogs, is rapidly transforming the dental industry. The dental industry requires the easy and fast production of highly customized parts. This is why three-dimensional (3D) dental printing plays a major role in orthodontic diagnosis and treatments. You would be amazed at how close the 3D printed dental products ... read more

An Overview of Recent Advancements in Shade-Matching Technologies

Dentists are well-aware of the challenges of shade-matching. The patient will always want the end-product to look as natural as possible, and it is the obligation of the dentist to exceed this expectation every single time. Otherwise, you risk losing patients. And with social standards demanding an ever-more uniform esthetic standard, dentists have their work cut out ... read more

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Sending a Case to Your Dental Lab

We cannot reiterate this enough: communication is of utmost importance in your relationship with a dental laboratory. If you have just opened a dental practice of if you are considering working with a different dental lab, then it is essential that you can discuss important issues with your prospects before partnering up with them. We have rounded up FIVE questions that you should ask your pros ... read more

Dental Labs: Partnering with a Reliable One

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, how satisfied are you with the dental lab you are currently working with? If you feel like your current dental lab does not reflect the quality of care you are aiming for or if you feel like you have no control over the lab that you are partnered with, then this article is for you!   First Things ... read more

How a Dental Lab’s Technology Affects Dentists’ Practice

The progress of dental technologies in the last few years and the prevalence of digital industry is all just incredible, isn’t it? Nowadays, more dental laboratories offer CAD/CAM technology, making it a standard in the field of dentistry. The lost-wax technique is fading in the background. All-ceramic restorations are growing, as well as the available options! Ch ... read more

Teamwork is a Must for Successful Dental Cases

Every moment spent in your dental office is a moment of opportunity for teamwork, don’t you agree? Every day, you start with your morning huddle, then you go on preparing things for your patients, you work with each other during procedures, and even until your closing time. Although it is highly unlikely that your dental practice would function as efficiently as i ... read more

The Advantages of Choosing a Local Dental Laboratory

Through the years, many dental laboratories have closed their doors, and more and more dentists are working with dental laboratories that can be across the country. While these dental labs provide excellent services, shipping the dental restorations, smile designs and appliances back and forth have significantly increased the treatment time for patients – and some ... read more

Digital Dentistry: The New Age We are In

When was the last time you were in a dental office? If you have been in one recently, then you probably have noticed that dental offices now are far from how they used to be. Dental science has evolved so much, and it still is evolving – and at a rapid rate at that! This is the reason why a state-of-the-art dental laboratory or dental practice now has a very diffe ... read more

The Importance of Integrating Intraoral Scanners into Dental Practices

In today’s age, the need to implement a digital solution has become more apparent given our society’s desire to always be on the cutting edge. You can now incorporate cone beam machines to plan the implant position, length, diameter and fabricate your own milled surgical guides. A milling unit can also be used to fabricate same-day restorations! In this article, ... read more

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