Backer Dental Laboratory specializes in providing modern cosmetic dentistry products using the latest advancements in cosmetic dental technology. Our dental restorations are second to none in both appearance and longevity. When you are ready to fully improve the aesthetics of your patients’ smiles, you can turn to our cosmetic dental products for outstanding results. Our cosmetic dentistry lab is fully focused on exceeding your expectations by producing top-tier restorations.


Unmatched Quality


Whether you are seeking dental crown implants or the All On Four dental restoration product in Tulare, CA, our cosmetic dental products offer the perfect solution. We provide a well-rounded array of cosmetic dental crown products that are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. We are trusted by cosmetic dentists throughout Tulare, CA and the nearby areas who are searching for an unquestionably high aesthetic in each dental prosthetic. Our commitment to quality is evident in each and every dental restoration we make.


Our cosmetic dental solutions include:


  • Tooth restoration
  • Zirconia dental crown
  • All On Four dental implants
  • Pfm crown
  • Full metal crown
  • Implants
  • & More


Our dental laboratory provides fast results after receiving your dental impressions. We have the leading edge technology needed to create top-tier restorations in record time. In addition, our results are realistic and ensure the best look for your dental restorations.


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Contact our dental laboratory to learn more information about our products and services or to send us an impression. Give us a call at (661) 847-9980 today!