Digital Dentistry: The New Age We are In

When was the last time you were in a dental office? If you have been in one recently, then you probably have noticed that dental offices now are far from how they used to be. Dental science has evolved so much, and it still is evolving – and at a rapid rate at that! This is the reason why a state-of-the-art dental laboratory or dental practice now has a very different set of technologies and tools as compared to before – all thanks to the growing use of digital dentistry!


The dawn of digital technology lets the front end of dental practices to operate more efficiently. For instance, digital scans can now be in place of laborious and messy traditional impressions, and CAD manufacturing can now produce the same work that had been performed manually in less time and with greater consistency!


So, why is digital technology such a great fit in the field of dentistry? The answer is simple: the need for mass customization. Each set of teeth, just like fingerprints, is different. Factor in the small size of the thousands of final products needed in digital dentistry and the utilization of 3D printing is a natural progression for the industry.  


Since the new age of digital dentistry is here, how can your patients witness it?



3D printing is becoming more and more prevalent in dental offices. The concept of using this technology to produce dentures has finally become a reality! This allows for the production of dentures that are more accurate due to the accessibility to digital scans as a guide for constructing said dentures.



Today, Dental Model resin is one of the most precise resins available in dentistry. Its smooth, matte surface finish and colour make it easy to fabricate dental restorations via 3D printing. Another relatively new resin in the dental field is the Dental LT Clear and it is known for being highly resistant to fractures. Its clear materials are extremely ideal for fabricating clear dental appliances such as retainers, bite splints or mouth guards, and other orthodontic appliances.


3D Printing, combined with CAD/CAM software and digital scans, allows a completely digital workflow in the dental field, producing more accurate and convenient results for the patients.


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