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E-Max Crowns: What You Need to Know

If you want an all-ceramic crown that is designed to last longer, then E-Max is the solution you have been looking for! The E-Max crown is worn due to its highly attractive appearance is sure to compliment the rest of your teeth! So, if you have damaged, stained, or poor-quality of teeth, then the E-Max is considered to be a great option!


With more than 100 million restorations, E-Max data shows that these restorations not only provide strength to your patients but beautiful results as well. E-Max also provides outstanding esthetics and precision marginal accuracy in pressed and CAD/CAM milled applications.



This all-ceramic crown has an appealing, translucent color which is made with extra strength and durability. Made from a single block of lithium disilicate ceramic (a top-grade material), the E-Max crown is harvested for its durability, toughness, and opaque qualities. These characteristics are what makes this a highly-prized crown.


The unique framework is indicated for single posterior or anterior crowns and is strong enough for anterior 3-unit bridges (including premolars). E-Max restorations can also be cemented with low-expanding resin modified glass ionomer cements or it can also be bonded with resin cements.


The E-Max crown is also considered to be a breakthrough in the dental crown technology. What you get is a glass ceramic crown that is delicate in appearance, but tough and enduring. The E-Max crown is available in layered or monolithic restorations.



*The E-Max crown is strong with flexural strength of 500 MPa

*It can be micro-layered in cases where its function requires extra strength of monolithic, but its esthetic demands need increased cosmetic results

*It is ideal for cosmetic cases since even in monolithic application, the E-Max crown exhibits natural translucency, mimicking enamel

*There is no allergic potential or irritation of tissue

*Its low thermal conductivity provides greater comfort for the patients



-The E-Max crown is considered to be the closest match with our natural teeth. Its transparent color life-like shape ensures that is not likely to be noticed amongst one’s natural teeth.


-Since there is no metal alloy base that comes with this crown, there will also be no unsightly-looking gray line around the gum line.


-It is long-lasting, strong, and unlikely to crack or fractured as opposed to other types of crowns.


-It is considered to be at less risk of chipping as compared to Zirconia crowns.


If you are interested in our E-Max crowns, feel free to setup an appointment with us today or visit our website for more details!