Our implant department is dedicated to creating superior implant prosthetics. Whether your patient requires a screw-retained, single cementable, or a full mouth reconstruction, you can depend on the knowledge and expertise of the professionals at Backer Dental Laboratory.

—> Be assured that Backer Dental Laboratory works only with companies that have established FDA 510 (k) clearance to mill your custom abutments and implant components.

At Backer Dental Laboratory, we understand how important it is to provide the highest quality to your patients. Our FDA 510(k) cleared customized abutments and implant components will provide you with peace of mind knowing your restoration cases are in good hands.

Custom Implant Abutments:
Custom Implant Abutments are ideal to create ideal contour and emergence profile through a process of precision milling, which results in ideal soft tissue and crown esthetics. Every abutment is custom-designed to make sure that we achieve the ideal design, angulation, and anatomical structure without compromising the support, function, and aesthetics needed to create realistic soft tissue contour. The final implant restoration also promotes gingival health, while exhibiting a natural ceramic result.

Screw Retained Implants:
Screw-reatined restorations are popular due to the easy retrieveablility of the crown, and of course, there is no need to use dental cement, eliminating the risk of peri-implantitis. 

Here are some of the companies we are proud to partner with:

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    Full Zirconia

    Zmax is the high-strength monolithic zirconia restoration that surpasses your expectations in both strength and esthetics.


    Every dentist wants to be able to find materials for restorations that can deliver both life-like esthetics and exceptional toughness.


    When it comes to implants, you want your practice to be able to deliver the best for your patients.

    All-On-4 Hybrid

    There is no other prosthetic restoration that is more life-changing and satisfying than a well-designed…