Porcelain fused to metal restorations are the classic standard restorations for dentistry.

At Backer Dental Laboratory, our artistic skill and expertise in this area have been a source of pride and satisfaction, as it was what set us apart form the typical over 25 years ago when fabricating PFM restorations, from single units to full mouth rehabilitations.

In a time before all ceramic or metal-free restorations were popular, our PFM’s were not only durable, but esthetically pleasing as well. Our technicians are trained to focus special attention on proper tooth esthetics and function. Special care is taken at every phase to ensure you and your patients benefit from our expertise.

At Backer Dental Lab, we are able to accommodate whatever your material are: non-precious, semi-precious, white or yellow high noble alloy. Our ceramists will then meticulously layer, shape and glaze your restoration to life.

Although technology in materials and manufacturing have evolved by leaps and bounds, we still demand excellence in all our restorations.

“Backer Dental Laboratory has been on the technological forefront in the dental lab industry for over a decade.”

PFM Crowns

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    Full Zirconia

    Zmax is the high-strength monolithic zirconia restoration that surpasses your expectations in both strength and esthetics.


    Every dentist wants to be able to find materials for restorations that can deliver both life-like esthetics and exceptional toughness.


    When it comes to implants, you want your practice to be able to deliver the best for your patients.

    All-On-4 Hybrid

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