The Advantages of Choosing a Local Dental Laboratory

Through the years, many dental laboratories have closed their doors, and more and more dentists are working with dental laboratories that can be across the country. While these dental labs provide excellent services, shipping the dental restorations, smile designs and appliances back and forth have significantly increased the treatment time for patients – and some patients do not have that luxury. This is why, practically speaking, nothing still beats having a local dental laboratory that you can trust with all of your needs.


Here are some of the advantages of having a reliable local dental lab:



With a dental office that is within the vicinity or just nearby, a local dental lab can often offer a same-day turnaround in many situations. This is definitely a great option for services such as denture repairs or relines. This means that your patient does not have to spend more time missing his or her smile. At Backer Dental, our dedication to fast turnaround does not mean that the results will suffer. We have a team of professionals that take the time they need to create the desired results for any specifications. Years of attention to detail and experience mean that you and your patients will get exactly what you expect from us.



When the dental laboratory you partner with is close to your dental office, it is also easier to keep in touch. You do not have to worry about different time zones or other barriers to communication. You will also be speaking with local team members who will be available to you when you need them.



This is a factor that not all dentists usually consider, but it is important. How many times have you been waiting for a dental product from your laboratory only to receive a call asking questions about covered materials and other insurance-related restrictions? If you work with a dental lab in your community, then you will be working with a team who is familiar with common local insurers. This streamlines the dental lab processes while at the same time ensuring that your patients receive their appliances, restorations, and services covered by their insurers.


At Backer Dental Lab, we provide dental nationwide exceptional services. It all starts with our talented and experienced team of lab technicians. Every member of our team is highly trained, and they put their attention to detail and skills to work creating oral appliances, dental restorations, and other products you need to help your patients achieve those flawless smiles! Find out more about our services and our team by reaching out to us today. We look forward to working with your dental office and to provide exceptional care for each and every single one of your patients!