There is no other prosthetic restoration that is more life-changing and satisfying than a well-designed and artfully crafted All-On-Four and Full Arch Hybrid Restoration

Hybrid Restorations:

Backer Dental Laboratory offers two different categories of implant hybrid restorations (screw retained full arch “denture” prosthesis)

Our Full Zirconia Hybrid is one of the most esthetic and durable restorations for the edentulous patient seeking an implant retained solution.  Full Zirconia Hybrid Restorations exhibit a flexural strength of up to 1200 MPa, allowing you to deliver a restoration that looks natural and that will endure even challenging occlusal loads.

Zirconia Teeth Crown

Our Nano-Ceramic Hybrid Restoration truly innovative Nano-Ceramic material bonded over a fiber-reinforced bar.  This results in a lightweight and ‘realistic feeling” restoration that many patients prefer over the heavier full-zirconia material. 

Both types are far superior to the traditional and easily breakable bar and acrylic type hybrid restorations in esthetics, maintainability, and longevity.

Verification Jig:

Each case that is fabricated by Backer Dental Lab must be designed on a verified model.  This means that either a chairside Duralay Jig is constructed by the dentist.  Or, you can send us the impression and we will make a verification jig with a custom tray for your convenience.

Backer Dental Laboratory works closely with clinicians who are using the GuidedSMILE CHROME surgical protocol. GuidedSMILE CHROME, a patented sequential pin system, is used in immediate load full mouth reconstructions like an All-ON-4. Please give us a call if you would like for us to fabricate your final restoration.

At Backer Dental Lab, we proudly fabricate all work in-house and is made 100% in the USA.  The only outsourcing is for the milling of implant custom abutments and components that require 510(k) clearance and is outsourced to reputable and FDA registered authentic companies ie. Atlantis, Nobel, Straumann, Creodent, and TruAbutment.

“Backer Dental Laboratory has been on the technological forefront in the dental lab industry for over a decade.”

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    Full Zirconia

    Zmax is the high-strength monolithic zirconia restoration that surpasses your expectations in both strength and esthetics.


    Every dentist wants to be able to find materials for restorations that can deliver both life-like esthetics and exceptional toughness.


    When it comes to implants, you want your practice to be able to deliver the best for your patients.

    All-On-4 Hybrid

    There is no other prosthetic restoration that is more life-changing and satisfying than a well-designed…