Full Cast Metal restorations are simply that – all metal. There is no porcelain covering, and the dense metal structure makes them the unchallenged standard for long-term durability of posterior crowns.

While it’s true that most patients currently prefer a natural looking restoration to replace their tooth, there are still a significant number of patients who would prefer full gold/metal crowns because of its durability, wear resistance, and the allure of the idea of having a precious metal or gold restoration in their mouth.

In the past, before ceramics, precious metals were prized as a restorative material because of its beauty, biocompatibility, and plaque resistant properties. Some would say that in this era of metal-free dentistry, “goldwork” is becoming a lost art in this technically advanced and modern age, but Backer Dental Laboratory still recognizes its value to those that wish for it.

We combine classic artistry and modern technology by designing milling the restoration with the use of our CAD/CAM technology, thereby ensuring the best marginal integrity, as well as function and design of the restoration. Our team of experienced technicians then make use of their incredible skill to fabricate a beautiful crown in metal or gold for your patients.

All our yellow gold restorations meet ADA specifications for noble gold or high-noble gold. Backer Dental laboratory is here to ensure that no matter the restoration, your practice and patients will always benefit from the skill, care and artistry we put into each restoration you entrust with us.

“Backer Dental Laboratory has been on the technological forefront in the dental lab industry for over a decade.”

Full Metal Crowns

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