The Importance of Dental Imaging

Digital radiography offers so many advantages over conventional films that it is easy to see why most practices have now transitioned to digital dental X-ray systems. It is telling that dentists without digital X-ray imaging who are planning to sell their dental practices are finding it somehow challenging, at best.


Patients expect to find modern technology in their dentist’s practice. When you go digital, then you are sure to provide top-notch, expert dental treatment to your patients, at the same time, improving the efficiency of your office, saving time and money.


Here are the benefits of digital radiography:



The equipment you use helps shape the way your patients perceive your practice. Patients nowadays are more concerned about exposure to radiation – conventional radiography puts you at a disadvantage. Digital radiography, however, typically reduces radiation exposure by 75% or more. This means that your patients will notice a higher level of care when you have digital X-ray equipment.



Digital X-ray systems also let you control the exposure of each image in real time, so you can make images lighter or darker on demand. You can also enlarge images and make enhancements to colour or superimpose textures as you deem fit.